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Understanding Consumer Preferences for Local Products and the need to keep Export Growing In a time, government and general media appeal companies to address their best efforts to export, the general population are encouraged to favour local products instead of foreign ones. This reality, a classic reaction result of domestic market retraction, would be consider […]

Working as an export consultant towards small and medium size companies in the food industry has been a very inspiring experience. Every week, I meet food companies that vary in size, structure, positioning and turnover but that within this diversity share two common challenges: 1. In its essence they process products generically understood as commodities.  […]

Oxo is launching a UK advertising campaign which aims to position the iconic stock brand as ‘The Magic Cube’. The campaign is inspired in the Oscar Nominated Short Movie “Fresh Guacamole” directed by PES.  Created by JWT London, the agency worked with the animator PES as creative consultant and the directing duo Conkerco. The national TV campaign airs […]

After years of investments in severe regulations towards the food industry and efforts to raise awareness for long term effects of “junk food diet” without encouraging results, the industry starts exhibiting signs that a different behaviour. More important, it’s a change led by consumers that is forcing the both retailers and restaurants to evolve and […]

In a moment of great pressure in most European domestic markets, the natural choice of the large majority of small and mid-size companies is to address a substancial part of their sales and marketing effort to export. Being noticed and able to book an appointment can easily become the first big obstacle. Last Sunday morning […]

During the last 2 two years, the Portuguese agriculture and food industry had for the first time in decades exhibit signs of consolidated growth in international markets. Moving beyond the traditional Port wine and canned fish products, the industry has been able widen the product range and expand to non-European latitudes. Until recent years, the […]

De acordo com o mais recente “Scantrend” da Nielsen, a moderna distribuição em Portugal encerrou o período de Janeiro a Novembro de 2012 a ganhar 0,7% de quota de mercado global face a período homólogo, sustentado nos formatos Híper (+ 3,6%) e Super Grandes (+1,9%). A quota global destes formatos atinge agora os 55,30%. O […]